Coach Dennis & Bobbie Jo White

Live Motivated

Dennis & Bobbie Jo have been in ministry together over 25 years. Ministering and motivating both in and out of the church walls. Dennis a native of Chicago and proud of it, grew up playing baseball, street hockey, basketball, well you name it, if it had a ball he was there. Competitive? Yes, without a doubt. He wants to win! In so much that as an adult when he sees so many who only see themselves losing or being less than, that’s where he comes in to encourage, to inspire, to help that individual or that team to see that they are capable of winning! Bobbie Jo was raised in ministry surrounded by music, faith and miracles. A seasoned vocalist, minister, producer, and graphics designer as well. A walking miracle herself being healed from the crippling disease of MS and West Nile Virus, it has been prophesied that miracles happen when she ministers. They are really a dynamic duo. Their love of LIFE, LOVE, MARRIAGE, VISION and seeing others see the light at the end of the tunnel is what drives them to LIVE MOTIVATED!

“Live Motivated” is designed to build faith, hope & joy into the hearts of God’s people. At the same time, it is a blessing to have this opportunity on WFBN to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ into so many countries, states, cities, towns and homes. We believe WFBN has been established for such a time as this so that this Gospel can be preach to all the world.

The message of “Live Motivated” is to build up, encourage and yet challenge all our viewers to live life at its highest level. Our message is to motivate people to maximize their life in Christ by seeking first the Kingdom and to fulfill their God given purpose in life. Each week we strive to bring a word that promotes an enthusiasm for people to genuinely pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.

As former assistant, senior and now executive pastors we truly enjoy serving in our church as well as continuing to build our online ministry. Bobbie Jo has served in ministry all her life whereas I came out of Egypt so to speak. Together we bring a balance that helps people discover and begin a meaning walk with Christ. In addition to our pastoral duties, each Tuesday night Bobbie Jo and I are live on social media and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we are blessed to have our “Live Motivated” program on WFBN. We have dedicated our lives to serving for the Glory of God.

Coach Dennis & Bobbie Jo White
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